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Tropical fish Family:-
Albino glowlight tetra
Albino lemon tetra
Albino X-ray tetra
Beacon tetra
black banded pyrrhulina
Black emperor
Black eyed x-ray
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Albino cherry barb
Albino red tailed tinfoil barb
Albino tiger barb
Black ruby barb
Arulius barb
Chequer barb
Cherry barb
Clown barb
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Acei yellow cichlid
Agassizis dwarf cichlid
Albino kribensis cichlid
Black and white cichlid
Blue acara cichlid
Brevis shell dweller cichlid
Chequerboard cichlid
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Acrensis corydoras
Adolfos corydoras
Albino corydoras
Arched corydoras
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Albino pangassius catfish
Angelicus pimelodus catfish
Banjo catfish
Black lancer catfish
Blue pangassius catfish
Bristlenose ancistrus
Bullnose catfish
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Bengal loach
Black kuhli
Clown loach
Crossbanded loach
Dario loach
Dojo or weather loach
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Killfish & Danio
Amiets killie killfish
Bengal danio
Cape lopez killfish
Dangila danio
Giant danio
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Rainbow & Rasboras
Banded rainbowfish
Black edged rasbora
Black harlequin rasbora
Black lined rainbowfish
Boesmani rainbowfish
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Angelfish & Discus
Albino angelfish
Black angelfish
Black marble
Blue diamond
Blue discus
Blue snakeskin discus
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Guppy & Platy
Albino guppy
Blonde red tuxedo guppy
Blue snakeskin guppy
Appletop platy
Black platy
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Swordtail & Molly
Black swordtail
Gold comet swordtail
Black sailfin molly
Blood red sailfin molly
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Other Species
Albino ruby shark
Archers fish
Black ghost knifer
Bumble bee goby
Common oscar
Figure 8 puffer
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Blood red sailfin molly

Appletop platy Black platy Black variatus platy
Blue coral platy Blue mickey mouse platy Blue variatus platy
Calico variatus platy Gold comet platy Gold comet tuxedo platy
Gold wag platy Hawaii platy Hi fin platy
Leopard platy Red wag platy Spotted platy
Black swordtail Gold comet swordtail Gold spotted swordtail
Green swordtail Lyretail swordtail Red wag swordtail
Red and white swordtail Red swordtail Red-streak swordtail
Tuxedo swordtail Black sailfin molly Blood red sailfin molly
Copper spotted molly Gold marble sailfin molly Green sailfin molly
Polkadot sailfin molly Silver sailfin molly Sunshine molly

Albino guppy
Blonde red tuxedo guppy
Blue snakeskin guppy
Dragonhead tuxedo guppy
Endlers guppy
Flame guppy
Flamingo guppy
Gold guppy
Green snakeskin guppy
Laser ray guppy
Lyretail guppy
Metalic red tail guppy
Mosaic guppy
Neon-blue guppy
Neon-red guppy
Rainbow guppy
Red snakeskin guppy